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def. Techno Hillbillies {Unique Souls Expanding Musical Boundaries and Exploring Scale Patterns & Rythyms - Live}
Lounge Music on a Different Dimension.

Band Members who have been Techno Hillbillies one time or another. This list is always expanding...never contracting...if we left you off contact us and we'll pick you up on the next bus ride out.
Shannon Graham - electric keys - synths - arps Tiffany Graham - Video, Laser Show, Lights Tom Halton - drums - percussion - dj Trevor Selby - electronic drums - percussion Bud Kilohertz - Vocals - Words of Truth Erik Mouness - Acoustic Drums Only - Pleeeaase Alex Fingers - Electric Guitar Symara Stone - Random Vocals 'Keep It Together' Mike Matson - Trumpet,Trombone, keys 'Original Hillbilly' Big David Johnson - thump BASS August-Augie Wherever you are - Jazz 'Bass' Arturo Zamar -Latin Drums/Percussion Aaron Mercado - Sax Amber Atwood - Random Flute Abel from Indio - Latin-Jazz Trumpet Ernie from Yuma - Trombone Genre: Elevator Music. Techno, Funk, Dub Reggae, Ska, RAgtime, Latin Jazz, All Live All Improvised Hometown: Palm Springs, CA

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